5 simple ways to live to 100

It takes a lot to live a healthy life. However, many people have always forgotten some simple things that make you live longer. Doing exercises and eating well are not the only things that will make one live longer. What are other things that make one live as long as 100 years?

In Kenya, the oldest person is believed to be a Kericho granny Sarah Chepkurui Maina at 138 years old. According to her children, she should be the oldest person in the word.

A study carried out by a website, A Place for Mom, searched through various documented interviews with the world’s oldest people to select what their secrets were of living for so long and here’s what they found out:

1. Simple lifestyle and diet

Sarah revealed that she only feds on milk, tea and ugali. Also, she said that she lives alone. She wakes up at 7 am, takes supper at 3 pm then retires to bed at 6 pm. Her simple lifestyle is what she attributes on for living this long.

2. Avoid make-ups

Make-ups are good and also bad for your skin. People who live long attributed no make-up in their lifestyle as a reason to living long. Makeup can damage your skin exposes you to other dangerous diseases.

3. Plenty of exercises

It goes without saying that people who do regular exercise live healthy lives. Exercises help keep your body stable and fit, minimizing any chances of sickness.

4. Sex

Sex is not only sweet but also good for your health. According to researches done sex is proved to help keep one’s immune system strong. Sex is also considered an exercise which helps in proper blood circulation and weight loss.

5. Sleeping well

Having enough and undisturbed sleep makes one feel good. More so, adequate sleep helps ones heart, mind and weight loss. A good night sleep will also help you lower your stress levels hence helping you live longer.


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