5 Traits You Can’t Overlook In A Strong Woman

1. They believe in the power of laughter
Strong women don’t take life too seriously. Instead of being easily offended or mired down in drama, they seek out the positives in tough situations.

2. They aren’t looking for the attention they receive

While they may seem to have a spotlight following them, they certainly didn’t ask for it! This type of woman exudes an energy that draws people to her, but you will never find her wasting her time fishing for compliments or begging to be noticed.

3. They are in charge of their own lives
The strong women know that they don’t need anyone but themselves to decide their path in life. Once they decide what they want, they go for it. On the flip side, these women are capable of owning up to their mistakes and are willing to adapt in order to grow.

4. They have both emotional and intellectual intelligence

There is a lot more to intelligence than just book smarts, and a strong woman has a well-rounded approach to life. Not only can she knock your socks off with her wealth of knowledge, she is in touch with her emotions and capable of controlling them.

5. They are exceptional at communicating
The ability to have a deep, intelligent conversation goes a long way in the eyes of a strong woman.


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