6 secrets that you should never tell your partner about

As harsh as this might sound, it’s nobody’s business to know the number of partners you’ve had in the past.

I know the irony in this – relationships are supposed to be built on mutual trust and understanding. How can anyone be expected to trust someone who keeps secrets from them?. However, there are a few things that require discretion and should even be considered to be above your partner’s pay grade. Let’s just frame it as every other good liar does – “It’s for the victims own good”.

Here are 6 hush secrets that you need not spill:

1. Your streak of romantic involvements

By romantic, I definitely mean sexual. As harsh as this might sound, it’s nobody’s business to know the number of partners you’ve had in the past. Unless it adds value, it’s always best to let the sleeping dogs lie

2. Don’t tell them you’ve had better

Keep comparisons where they belong- in your head. You might think that letting your partner know that you’ve had better lovemaking sessions before will make him a little jealous and motivate him to get better, but this little trick might backfire massively.

3. Changes they can’t make

These could be either their physical attributes or even their family members. Such subjects demand subtlety, if not total silence. Pointing out your partner’s vulnerabilities is okay, just not the ones you know they have little or no chance of making corrections.

4. Personal financial decisions

This is a landmine for many couples, if a couple decides to settle down then it’s only wise to consolidate their finances. However, both partners still need to have their personal finances and expenses that they aren’t under any obligation to let their partners know about.

5. Details about your exes

I doubt they really need to know about these. These are amongst the issues that need only be addressed as and when they come up. Unless you have a child with an ex or you’re still in touch with them; your partner doesn’t really need to know about this.

6. Unresolved feelings

Like real life- there are some journeys that you will have to take alone. This qualifies as one such journey; you do not need to drag your partner into this, it will just heighten their insecurities. Everyone has loved someone more dearly than they thought possible at a particular point in their life. However, if it didn’t work out then get over it- alone.


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