Four signs you’re dating a sexual predator

Sexual assault is very common in most relationships. Dating a sexual predator is one of the last things anyone can dream of. You might be dating someone but you are not sure whether he or she is the one. According to, spotting a sexual predator is never easy for most men and women. Here are four signs he’s a sexual predator;

1. He/she keeps ridiculing you

A person who ridicules you doesn’t love you. If your partner is ever ridiculing you then it means there is an element of predation in your relationship.

2. He/she plays the victim

The predator will make it appear like everything hurts him or her more than you. He or she will pretend that things are not right for both of you when it is not the case. He or she uses emotional signs to confuse you that he or she is deeply in love.

3. He/she really attentive during the first dates but changes along the way

A sexual predator will pretend that he or she is the best thing that has ever happened to you. However, things will change along the way. When he or she changes, it means he or she is a predator.

4. He/she uses manipulative language

A sexual predator uses manipulative language to woo you. He or she will apply all sorts of tricks just to get you on his or her sides. He or she will twist everything to work in his or her favor.


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