Free The Tatas – Legon Vandals Urges Their Girls As Yenk) Akosombo Trip Looms Large

Skankers of Legon Vandals, a popular group in the University of Ghana who are well known for their back to back “Jama songs”, devoid of weariness and also based in their parent hall “Commonwealth” have rallied a passionate call to their ladies saying “free your tatas for us at Akosombo”.

Related imageSpeaking to Modernafrika.com about the much anticipated trip which is all set to go down this Saturday 20th October, 2018 at Akosombo in the Eastern part of the country Ghana, they stated that “It’s a pity that female students of the University of Ghana have rather been allowing their “boobs” to be kissed by their beloved brassieres for several hours in a day instead of setting their tatas free because it really boost the immune system of men”.

Elaborating more about why they are craving for the “operation free your tatas at Akosombo” some stated that the month October is well known for celebrating and promoting breast cancer awareness therefore Legon girls should be kind enough, abandon their brassieres and set their tatas free because its not only “gonna” cast the demons out of Legon guys but it’s also a unique way of promoting the breast cancer awareness.

Some ladies on campus also disclosed to Modernafrika.com that they wouldn’t want to be left out of this trip for any reason since it’s now the trending topic on campus and also promises to be one of the best trip the University of Ghana has ever embarked on therefore they have already purchased their tickets, bikinis, snickers and many more and also urged the guys to stay calm because life is full of surprises therefore more exciting prospects awaits them at Akosombo.

Meanwhile Speaking to the DE-SRC Executives, they assured students who are embarking on the Y3nk) Akosombo trip of their safety and comfort as everything is well structured to ensure that they enjoy the trip to their maximum satisfaction.

NB: tickets are going for a cool 60ghc and its happening live on this Saturday 20th October, 2018 at exactly 5am. Note that students can also make payment in instalment by contacting SRC Treasurer on 0246311622 or via MTN momo. For more enquiries contact 0545313140.


Martina: 0242580628          Manuel: 0246311622

Isaac: 0243047884               Chris:  0545284592

Source: Modernafrika.com


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