Kwabeng to uphold the Ghanaian constitution in high esteem – Daasebre Ayimadu II Declares

One week after his swearing in as the Okyeman Gyaasehene of the Akyem Abakwa State, the newly installed chief of Akyem Kwabeng – Daasebre Ayimadu Kantamanto II, has declared emphatically that, in spite of all his duties as the chief of the Kwabeng stool land, he, as a chief, would ensure that he instills real Patriotism into his people to be law abiding citizens of Ghana, and shall also lead his people by the rule of law.

“For any town or nation to develop, the first point of call is the application of the rule of law; therefore, I want you all to note that, in my term of office as the Okyeman Gyaasehene, and your chief here in Kwabeng, peace and order is what will rule in this town. And I shall not condone nor tolerate any kind of indiscipline and unlawfulness here. And for this to be well accomplished, I would need all your support and understanding as a people.”

Daasebre Ayimadu II, who disclosed that his main focus for his people is to maintain and promote total peace and unity in the area, bring great development to his land and ensure that there is massive positive change during his tenure of office as the chief of Kwabeng, was however quick to underscore that, for any people to develop rapidly, there must be some rule of law to guide and shape them in the right direction.

The Okyman Gyaasehene, made this submissions in an interview of a section of the media at his outdooring ceremony which was held at the Akyem Kwabeng Palace Court on Monday July 2nd, 2018.

This was his final rites process after a week of purification period after he has been sworn in as chief of Kwabeng and the Okyeman Gyaashene of the Akyem Abuakwa State by the lord of the Akyem Abuakwa State – Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Penin II.

Further in his submission, Daasebre bemoaned how irresponsible mining and ‘Galamsey’ have totally destroyed their land and polluted all their portable water bodies in the area, leaving the people helpless and miserable.

The new leader, recorded how the people of Akyem had really enjoyed and benefited from their farm work before the surfacing of this illegal mining, which has totally taken away the beauty of the Akyem land. He therefore called for the support of his people to help fight this galamsey canker which has eventually become a great enemy to them and Ghana as a whole and help save their land.

He also pledged his total commitment, dedication and loyalty to all, and promised never to break his oath made to his lord- the Okyenhene, ‘Nananom’ and his people.

Daasebre Kantamanto, also charged the of Government and his concerned Ministries to make all effort to amend the Ghana Minerals and Mining Act to ensure that all the loop holes in the Act that favours rather the mining companies, instead of the Nation.

Also in his capacity as the Okyeman Kanea, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chocho Industries- Alhaji Mustapha Oti Boateng, unearth that they as leadership of the town really have Kwabengman at heart and would rally all their support behind Daasebre to ensure massive positive changes in Kwabeng.

Alhaji, also appealed to the people to embrace peace and unity, knowing very well that Kwabengman really needs a strong leader like Nana Ayimadu to progress, after four years of a vacant throne.

Later, the Abusuapanin of the Mmabaduam family, Opanyin Baffour Kweku Karikari, on his part assure the media in an interview that, the leadership under Daasebre Kantamanto Ayimadu, would work tirelessly to instill, promote and maintain total peace and harmony in the area.

He emphatically maintained that the leadership, in all their dealings and activities shall not throw aside the Ghana Constitution and support any unlawful act of anybody who breaches the laws of the state.

source: / Nana Effei

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