Ladies: 4 ways to keep your vee region fresh 24/7

 According to, a lady is best comfortable, happy and jovial when she is fresh and clean down there. The opposite of this is so frustrating and embarrassing. 

Ladies, here are 4 ways to keep your vee region fresh and clean;

1. Wear cotton underwear

Cotton underwears are very safe for this region because they allow for breathing as opposed to silk ones which do not allow aeration.

Due to this, moisture tend to accumulate hence posing risks of yeast infection.

2. Pee after sex

Peeing after sex is very crucial for virginal freshness as urine flashes away both semen and virginal secretions produced during sex.

Failing to pee after sex allows for an accumulation of these fluids and this might cause urinary tract infections (UTIs).

3. Keep the area dry

Do not have wet clothes on. Or, do not leave the area properly undried after showering as moist conditions favour fungal growth.

4. Eat fruits

Reports have it that certain fruits like pineapples help keep these areas clean and fresh smelling.

But again if this is not a reality, fruits are generally healthy and eating them regularly would mean good news for your friend down there.


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