The Plight Of Our Rural Communities (By As I Grow Organization)

Some major problems of deprived communities which needs to be taken a second looked at.

Ghana is among the developing countries in the world with its population increasing day by day. Ghana as a country has different regions made up of the urban, peri-urban and rural areas. These regions are distinguished by many factors such as land size,population,infrastructure,industries,businesses among other factors. Other than the above mentioned factors it has come to my concern that the rural dwellers experience a lot of challenges and hence the rate of development in these areas are very minimal or stagnant.


These challenges include the following:

  1. i) Poor road network- a place or region will not develop if it is not accessible and hence there is need to construct good roads that will help them move products in and out.
  2. ii) Lack of technical know how- most rural dwellers have little or no education at all and thus its quite difficult for them to do their work scientifically. Its the responsibility of the government and any organization to ensure that the remote areas get attention in terms of education.

iii) Insufficient health centres – its an important area which should be give more attention. People do not get proper treatment because of lack of this important facilities or qualified personnel. With regard to health many productive people die and also their will be no family planning which leads to many children that the parent can not afford to gather for their needs.

  1. iv) Inadequate lending institution especially banks or saccos- when there is no source of capital to start businesses or to expand your projects then the rate of expansion is very slow.
  2. v) culture, traditions and norms- most rural dwellers are still following their traditions in their way of doing things. They don’t believe in change and hence become very difficult for the to get new ideas and information.
  3. vi) Lack of technology- rural parts have difficulties in accessing new technologies and since we are in a computer era they will not catch up with the base at which other people are moving. All the above challenges are just but a few and this areas should be given more emphasis in terms of resource allocation. Some of these communities include: Traio and Kunikrom,Basco,Miawani(All in suhum),New Asuoya(Akuapem north municipality), Krutuase,Takase,Hele,Obuobi Akura, Abena and Abena Awia(Okere District). This research was done through random sampling of rural communities, interviews, observation, field trips and other research tools  to alert stake holders on current issues of our rural communities in Ghana .

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By Mr Debrah Bekoe Isaac (CEO- AS I GROW)

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