Why men fight over sex workers

When it comes to matters women and sex, men can go to any extent to claim that which they feel they are entitled to.

No man will allow another man or men to fool around with their women while sitting down pretty as this sort of ‘nonsense’ unfolds before their eyes.

This the point at which any Kikuyu man will tell you ‘gutiri mundurume kahii’ (no man is a small boy). It doesn’t matter how strong or powerful you consider yourself to be as compared to the man whose woman you are fooling around with.

At the end of the day, you are the one who will be left with an egg on your face or didn’t the biblical David also bring down the strong Philistine army general, Goliath?

That said, why will men then fight over sex workers who are basically no man’s women?

According to one bar attendant in Thika’s Makongeni Estate who works at a joint where sex workers flock like bees, there are a couple of reasons that can make men fight over a particular sex worker as listed below:

1. ‘Milking’ a cow that you didn’t feed

The bar attendant who only identifies herself as Lucy, says that sometimes a man may pick one sex worker and buy her drinks before they can go out to finalise their main ‘business’ of the day.

But then it happens that another client just shows up and present a better ‘deal’ to the sex worker.

“What do you expect if not a fierce fight between the two men? The man who bought the drinks for the sex worker will feel cheated and cannot just take it lying down,” Lucy said on Sunday.

2. Some men have a feeling that they are entitled to particular sex workers

Lucy adds that there is a particular group of male revellers who have a sense of self-entitlement when it comes to some sex workers.

Whenever they show up in the brothel or the pub, Lucy says, they want the sex worker to leave whichever man she was hanging around with for him. This, she says, often ends in a bitter fight.

3. A case of a married sex worker

The bar attendant says that there are husbands who come to get wind that their wives prostitute around in brothels in their absence.

“When such husbands get such news, they will follow the wife to the brothel they have been told she operates in and whichever man they find the wife with, will face the wrath,” says Lucy.


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